Font size in title bar button - there only sometimes

I’ve got an app where the request is to show the font re-size option on all screens. This app uses a Content menu and the option is there for the menu as shown here.

However, if I enter any book collection, in this case the first one is the Pentateuch, and opening that to GEN or any other book removes the font size option from the top. Pinch and Zoom doe work but the request is to have the AA font button there. Any advice on how to make this show up for every book would be appreciated.

This is still an issue. Any chance of it being an option in a future SAB release? Here is the location for this option ONLY ON THE CONTENT MENU. It would be ideal to offer this as an option even though the pinch-zoom works within books. Not all users know to use the pinch-zoom to adjust font size and it’s not as obvious as the AA in the menu bar.

Maybe there is a reason it can’t be offered on the book level, but it would seem to me to be something to include for the Book collections under the Book folder Layout Configuration as shown here:

Is your request related to my question here?

In particular, I’m wondering if you have both “Show text size…” and “Show line height…” un-checked under the Features menu.

As far as I can tell you can either have the Aa button visible in the Navigation Drawer and in the main text area, or remove it from both locations, but not both. Since it’s not in the main text area for you, I’m wondering if it’s also missing from the Navigation Drawer.

If not then I’m very interested in your setup, since you’ve achieved what I’m looking for (Nav Drawer has Aa, main text does not).


First of all, thank you to the App Builder development team for constantly improving these AB tools!

I have a songbook app. In previous SAB versions, the ᴀA button was visible while viewing a song (similar to viewing a chapter). As I was updating my printscreens, I just noticed that the ᴀA button is now only visible in the navigation drawer.

Additionally, when using the font size slider, the text on the screen stays the same until I tap outside of the configuration box. It used to be that as I slid the slider, the font size of the text would change in real-time, allowing me to easily see what font size was selected.

In Features>Text Size, all of the options are selected, as shown in @mjames’s post.

Were these changes intentional?

Is there a setting I can change to revert my app to the previous behavior?

Thanks so much.