Footer appears under Book Introduction of wrong translation in verse-by-verse

This is the situation: Only one of two Book Collections has a footer with copyright information on each page of the text. In the past, when the two translations were displayed in verse-by-verse mode, the footer only showed up when the respective translation was selected as the first one (on top). Now, the footer shows up even when the translation to whom it belongs is second in verse-by-verse mode. So far so good, it’s probably a good thing that the footer always shows up whenever the related text shows up. The problem comes with the Introduction. Verse-by-Verse doesn’t work on the Introduction text so it only displays the text that is selected first in verse-by-verse. But now the footer of the second, unrelated translation shows up although its Introduction text is not even there. I observed it in SAB 8.6.5 on Windows in the Android app.