Footnote Symbol Choices

What are the options for footnote symbols?

I looks (to me) like you can either have “a, b, c, d…” (not ideal for texts in non-latin scripts) or a single symbol that you can choose, but it doesn’t ‘count up’ in the same way as the abcd, but rather is a static symbol that’s the same every time.

Is that right? Either abcd or a static symbol?

  1. Is it possible to do numerals? “1, 2, 3, 4…” ?
  2. How about Arabic or Persian numerals? “۴ ۳ ۲ ۱” ?
  3. Can you have a symbol and then numbers, like “؂۴ ؂۳ ؂۲ ؂۱” ?

Our first choice would be to have symbol and then numbers that count up (3), or, failing that, counting up Persian numerals (2). I know there’s no obvious way to do these, but it is it possible at all?

Under Features > Links
Change Footnote Caller from Default to Custom Symbol

I think you just need a space separated list.

Hmmm… It doesn’t seem to work for me:

Footnote Settings

Any other suggestions? Maybe there’s a problem with right-to-left text and the spaces are not in the same places they appear to be?


I can’t get any obvious separator options to work. I am asking an expert.

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I have the same question. I’m wanting to use Khmer letters as footnote callers. There are three choices:

  • Default
  • abc
  • custom

But “Default” always produces “abc…”, and “custom” is a static symbol.
Shouldn’t “Default” follow the caller sequence defined in Paratext?

I have written this up as a bug. Though it is a feature request. It is reasonable that if you can supply a list of characters in Paratext then SAB should be able to handle that too. Also there appears no difference in outcome between Default and ABC options.

My PT project has a list of characters for footnotes and uses “\f +”. Is SAB able to pull in that list of characters from PT? If not, then what does SAB mean by “Default” caller?

Has the “custom list” option been fixed yet?