Footnote Symbol

In Features --> Links [tab], under “Footnotes”, there is an option to select the “Footnote Caller” as a “Custom Symbol”, along with a box to write in the footnote symbol.

I would like to use Arabic Footnote Marker (U+0602) followed by a number that counts up with each footnote. Can I do this?

If you type in what you want:

f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 … f50
withe a space between them, it should work.
I tried \u0602 but it just came out as that string. So you need to put in the character you need.

Sorry to say that this did not work. When I tried putting them in, separated by spaces, it simply put the whole string, spaces included, into each footnote. Is there something else to try?

Has anyone now been able to add a series of custom symbols for footnote markers in the app? We work in a non-Roman script, and would like to use the numerals from this script. But it seems that the “Custom” field only accepts a single marker which will be used each time, such as * (asterisk). True, as a pop-up there is less need for a series of ascending numerals, but the team still would prefer that it be the same as in Paratext. (However, with the app, we noticed that when using the default “a, b, c”, each chapter starts over at “a”. Is there a way in SAB to change this?)