Formatting front matter

I haven’t been able to find a list/description of the codes used in the front matter. The samples that are generated provide some good help, but there are still some gaps in my understanding.

Specifically, is there a way to get a page break (for example, I would like a blank page after my title page, and \pb doesn’t seem to work.

Also I have an “i” page number at the top of one page, and no matter where I put \nopagenums, it still seems to show up.

Is there a way to get a border / PDF overlay on just one page of the front matter (like, for example, the title page - so there is some graphic, but the text is produced by the front matter SFM)?

There’s a summary of the codes on this slide, and the Table of Contents parameter options are explained on the next slide but yes - they should be documented somewhere more accessible to all users.

The best way to understand how the \nopagenums and \dopagenums codes work is to look at the

"C:\Program Files\PTXprint\ptxprint\FRTtemplateAdvanced.txt" file. The \pb (pagebreak) won’t work unless there is some other content on that page. Even an invisible line like \ip \bd ~ \bd* on that page should be enough to trigger the pagebreak.

Sorry that this is still quite messy, and un-intuitive. We’ll keep working to improve things…