French accents symbols not recognized

I was compiling a song book with scripture app builder and realized all symbol for accents in french are shown as the picture below. I tried to see what change to make in styles and polices but I did not succeed.

In the screenshot, it is the word “Jésus” which was not well presented. And it is the case for à, é, è, ù, etc.

Can anyone help

Best regards

That looks like an encoding problem.

For problem free results, your data should be in UTF-8. (Unicode). SAB expects UTF-8 encoding.

The character that shows as a diamond with a question mark in it is probably an ASCII encoding of the accented letter. Most of the common letters are the same in many encodings but accented characters will be different.

You can go to the Collection and check the Characters tab then click validate font. It should tell you there is a letter it can’t handle.

Thank you. I worked after changing to UTF-8

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