Full-screen images in story apps

It would be good if images could be tapped on and then maximize (full-screen mode). This is especially useful if only portrait images are available for a certain story app.
Case in point: We have recently turned a existing Children’s Bible of a language in Siberia into an app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=evenki.ibt.evenki_ibt_app

However, the Christian worker in this area did not decide to use SAB but he had it done by some guys at LightSys in a Code-a-Thon (https://lightsys.org/?page=Code-a-Thon)

The same Children’s Bible already exists in several other languages and it would be good if we could use SAB to do more projects in the future. One of the problems: There are over 250 different stories and each story comes with an image in portrait mode. So in a reading app the picture is pretty small at the top of the page. The guys from LightSys solved the problem in this way: The image can be tapped on and then it is displayed in full-screen mode. With another tap it minimizes again. Do you think such a feature would be feasible for SAB/RAB as well? Another problem is that there are so many stories, but with a content menu it might be possible to do it with SAB, what do you think?
Thanks for creating this forum!

I am in very similar same situation. I have a story book that I would like to put into an app, King of Glory, and all the pictures are portait. In print form you have the picture on one side and the the text on the other, there are 70 chapters (or scenes as they call them) each with their own illustration.
I made a language-specific website for the book and I have the image above the text with a corresponding YouTube video embedded underneath. I am hoping to use this format in the app.
Does anyone else have advice on how best to use portrait images in the app?
I did crop each of the images into landscape for the Featured Image in WordPress, so I could use those but they of course miss out 2/3 of the image.

In a number of apps we have used Default mode instead of Picture Story Book. The good thing about is that you can tap the images and enlarge them.
Here is such an app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.org.ibt.childrensbible.russian

Hi, thanks for the tip about changing the Book Type. I was wondering why sometimes the image was pinned to the top of the page and other times it would scroll with the text. Also, sometimes the Story Pages tab would be there and sometimes it wouldn’t.
I was about to post a question about it! I had removed and re-added the book and rebuilt the app several times and wasn’t sure what I was doing differently.
Since each page has an embedded YouTube video, I don’t feel the need to include the Audio Narration, Motion and Background Music in Story Pages tab.