Gecko View too big to be usable

We previously used Crosswalk to render a complex Sanskrit like font and the app was 100M and was published to the playstore with many downloads. Now the same app is almost 400M using Gecko View. We can’t update the previous app if we use Gecko View. Please seek a smaller solution to complex font rendering. Thank you

When SAB builds an AAB (app bundle) with GeckoView, it includes 4 different phone architectures. Only one of these will need to be delivered by Google Play to any given phone, so although the AAB looks large, the actual size of the app to be delivered to a user will be much smaller. Google only delivers those components that the phone needs.

For APKs, you have a choice between creating an APK file for all 4 architectures together (which will be large), or you can choose to split the APK into architecture-specific APKs. Please see the App > APK tab to turn this on or off.

Thanks for this reminder about individual apk’s and app bundles. Is the 32 bit ARM apk the best choice to upload to the Playstore, since it may work on the greatest variety of phones? What factors should be considered in picking one of the 4 types of apk’s.

Is the size limit for an apk app bundle 150MB or is it larger?

Thanks for your help, Roger G

When you upload your app to Google Play, you need the app bundle (AAB file). This will contain all the device architectures. Then when a user wants to install an app, Google will make a smaller personalised APK for them which matches what their device needs.

In terms of AAB size for apps on Google Play, this is the current limit:

What are Google Play app size limits when using AABs?
The maximum compressed download size for any set of APKs generated from an AAB is 150MB. That is, Google Play will generate all possible APKs from your AAB. Then, Google Play checks that the maximum compressed download size that any individual device receives is not over 150MB. The AAB that you upload can be many times larger than this, something that was not possible on Google Play with APKs.
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For offline distribution, many of the phones today will use the ARM 64 APK. Otherwise, the 32-bit ARM APK for older phones. Intel phones are less common, but it will depend on the phones being sold in your country.