Getting "Expiring Daemon because JVM Tenured Space is exhausted" message

I’m trying to help a SAB user generate an app and we’re getting a Build failed message. We see the bit about the JVM tenured space is exhausted. This particular app has 240MB of audio, and is intended only for microsd distribution. If we double the Max. Gradle Heap Size from 1536M to 3084M, the apps are built but the file size is huge. 1GB or more. If we set the heap size to 2056M, the app build still fails. Any help would be appreciated.

Is the user on a 32bit OS? Though 32bit OS usually has a heap error.

One user who was building with Gradle as SAB does and had this problem, solved it by:
After specifying parameter org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx2048M -XX\:MaxHeapSize\=32g
in file the build started working.

If you use 32bit Java on a 64bit machine that may also cause Gradle errors.

Hello Scott,

In the future, it would be better to copy/paste the text of the whole build window. It would give more context, is easier to read than a screen shot, and probably takes less space than the image. Thsnks.

This particular issue was because of a configuration issue with the audio. The end user was switching from an internet source type to a local source type and didn’t change the source for all of the books. The end result was the app was pulling in the audio files twice. That overwhelmed SAB.

Thanks for the resolution feedback @Scott_Dysart. It helps everyone.