Getting SAB audio to read the heading above a verse when the verse is chosen

Does anyone know how to get the audio to play from the heading before a verse when a verse is chosen from the list?
We have made timing files for it so that it highlights the heading and verses as it ‘reads’. It reads the headings as it goes through them, but if you choose to go to say Matthew 13:1 it doesn’t read the heading above it, it just starts at v1. I’ve seen another app that read the chapter number and heading first. Similarly if you choose Luke 10:13 and press play it starts reading at v13, but I’d love it to read the heading above v13 (I haven’t seen an SAB app do this yet, but I’m hoping it’s possible.

No that is not possible at this stage. You can make a new post and make it a feature request.

Ok, thanks. I’m sure when I tested an old app yesterday if you chose v1 it started the audio from the beginning of the chapter, but now I can’t find one that does that, so can’t send you the apk. Anyway, I’ll make a request.

We are experiencing a very similar thing. Ours does show the Titles highlighted but if we swipe left to go to the next book the highlighting of Titles goes away. Once it is gone we cannot get it to reappear again. However if we use the navigation and go to the next book using it the Titles highlighting works correctly. It will continue working until we use a swipe left to go to the next book and then it again quits working. We are working on an iOS app and it has read and highlighted titles for our previous iOS apps. Seems like a bug to me.