Glossary does not show correctly

I have a problem with the Glossary for my newest Scripture app. The glossary entries are organized by letters and each letter should be displayed on a separate page. For that I have split the glossary into several chapters and I’m using the \cp tag to give the letter for each chapter.

In the app, I can select each of this letters but the content of the glossary only appears under the last letter. There you can find all entries expect the ones that would belong to this letter. The latter are not shown at all.

In the viewer of the Scripture App Builder everything is display correctly as expected.

I used an identical setup in a earlier app and it worked fine. What could be the problem? Is this a bug in the newest SAB version?

Can you give an example of the source code for the glossary and a screenshot of what the result is?

Extract of source code:
\id GLO
\c 1
\cp А
\im \k аастығарға\k* заблудиться
\im \k аастыған\k* заблудший
\im \k аба\k* отец
\im \k абанат\k* долг
\im \k Аба Қудай\k* Бог Отец
\im \k абыс\k* священник
\im \k абыр\k* спокойствие
\im \k ағрығ\k* болезнь
\im \k азырарға\k* кормить
\im \k айбын\k* поздно
\im \k айланарға\k* возвращаться
\im \k айна\k* бес, нечистый дух, злой дух
\im \k ақ\k* белый, светлый
\im \k Ақ-Арығ\k* святой
\c 2
\cp И
\im \k иир\k* вечер
\im \k изиг\k* горячий
\im \k иженерге\k* надеяться

Screenshots of first and last page:

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Just my thoughts:
I would think \im should be \m

\im is for introductory matter that usually comes before chapter 1

See: Introductions — Unified Standard Format Markers 3.0.0 documentation

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Thanks a lot! Replacing \im by \m fixed the problem.
I think \im was used to prevent glossary entries from showing up in a search. This seems to have worked in older SAB versions. But does not work in the newest SAB version anyway.