Going forward - an analytics question - GA4

I am in the final stages of producing an app and wanting to add analytics so I consulted a colleague who is familiar with doing this. He wrote:

"I understand Google are planning to replace Firebase with GA4 "

Does or will SAB support this technology or should we continue with Firebase?

Thank you for advising

I don’t think we need to worry about this.
Firebase’s Analytics at https://console.firebase.google.com/ is already using Google Analytics.

From Google Analytics 4 vs. Firebase vs. Firebase Analytics: What’s the Difference? – InfoTrust

Google Analytics 4 (previously called App + Web)
Previously known as App + Web, the next version of Google Analytics (GA4) can either be created directly at analytics.google.com or accessed at console.firebase.google.com. It looks identical to Google Analytics for Firebase for mobile apps because GA4 is deployed using the Firebase SDK for app tracking and cannot be deployed via a tag management system alone.