Google cloud bucket public URL for audio files


I am having trouble getting our Google Cloud hosted audio files to actually play in app. Does anyone have advice on how to find the bucket url to add as a file source in the SAB. I have both added the audio files to the SAB and hosted them in a publicly accessible bucket, but they will not play in the app.


Do you have the correct bucket name?

I have your project from the other support issue I looked into. One of the audio file in the project is: A01___02_Genesis_______O2TRKBST.mp3

When I try this url:

I get this error:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
<Details>No such object: incilapp/A01___02_Genesis_______O2TRKBST.mp3</Details>

Yeah, the names of the files and bucket have not changed. The audio on previous version of my app worked fine, but now it doesn’t.

Kalaam can host the audio files for you on our server. PM me, or reply to this message if you want more info. A sample link would be

You should test that URL with one of your files.
Testing your URL plus a file name:
That produces an error:

When I just used just your URL I got a XML file. It said in part:


In the Key element we see that there is another part to the path: Turkish_tur_BST_NT_Drama

So the next path to try is:
and that brings up the file like this. Seeing this confirms you have the correct URL.

So the URL for the Web Address of the NT is

But the OT needs a different source as found in the XML file further down. But this one has a space in it. It must be replaced with the space replacement character %20: 2

My Rule 1: To save grief with URLs never use spaces in filenames or folder names.

So then test with an OT file:
That works, like above.

Thank you! With both your help and Chris’ I was able to get everything up and running again!

Thank you! I was about to message you, but Chris was able to get me up and running again!

Great! Happy app building.