Google Play will soon need SDK/API 30

I just updated our SAB app and did a new release on the play store. It warned that from August for new apps and November for updates it will need to target API/SDK 30 (Android 11).

I see that in the “minimum Android Platform” setting Android 11 (API 30) is listed, but in the Android SDK packages it still only goes up to Android 10 (API 29). I tried updating SAB (I’m using 8.6.6), and deleting and redownloading and installing the packages, but it still says Android 10.


The next version of SAB will build using Android 11. It will be out in time for this.


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Great! Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I can not build the app on that new version 8.6.6, which always shows errors.
how could I do?


If you are having trouble building your app in version 8.6.6, please start a new topic. I would include details like:

  • the last version of SAB that you were able to build with
  • the output from the build (you can find a file in Apk Output with the name PROJECT_NAME-output.log