Google Pre-launch report - Crash on Galaxy S9

Can anyone advise what I should be doing to fix, diagnose or report the following please?
Google Play says the following crash occurs during their pre-launch testing.

Test Device: Galaxy S9, Android 8.0, en_US, 1080x2220, 480dpi, 4Gb RAM, OpenGL3.2, CPU armeabi-v7a, Qualcomm SDM845

Issue: at bwas.handleMessage( (040400-315540369):8)

Process:, PID: 18142
java.lang.NullPointerException: Key must not be null
at sek.a( (040400-315540369):10)
at rop.a( (040400-315540369):2)
at ncp.a( (040400-315540369):11)
at bwhw.a( (040400-315540369):10)
at bwhr.d( (040400-315540369):38)
at (040400-315540369):0)
at bwas.handleMessage( (040400-315540369):8)
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at aehn.a( (040400-315540369):2)
at aehn.dispatchMessage( (040400-315540369):14)
at android.os.Looper.loop(
Suppressed: bmsy:
at tk_trace.nearby-BackgroundBleScanner$3_onReceive_handler(Unknown Source:0)

App was built using SAB 7.2 on Windows, build release 65 (09-Jul-2020).

Can you share your project via a Personal Message so I can look at it?

I had the same thing just happen, pre-launch report says crash on Galaxy S9. Is there any way to just go ahead and publish the app, or what do I do?

Yes - sometimes it lets you go ahead, ignoring the pre-launch report. I suspect it depends upon the nature of the error, but I’ve found quite a few errors that are just down to how google tests, but they let you publish anyway.

A standard practice for us is to make sure we have the latest SAB and the latest required software installed (so any fixes to SAB have been applied) before publishing an app. (refer to Download - Scripture App Builder page as well as the install documentation on Resources - Scripture App Builder)

Also, we would do a send-receive in Paratext and update the book collection list to make sure any changes that the translators have made are implemented.

It is a good idea to have a record of the many SAB settings in a spreadsheet if you make multiple apps (we have more than 10), so you can refer to them if something goes horribly wrong and you need to build from scratch. Sometimes rebuilding an existing as a new project will solve some of the errors you might experience. Make backups of your Project folder as well.