Graphite Rendering is not working

I am using Saraiki-Font “Siraika” for typesetting a Saraiki project. But font is not being rendered by Graphite Rendering tool.

How to deal with this issue?

Hi @sajid.imdad - thanks for your question. Could you please check if you have turned on Graphite Rendering in the Pick a Font dialog as shown below:

Notice that you will only see this option if you are using the Full View (as these are more advanced features). If you are using the Basic view (which is the default), then these settings are hidden:

And on the same Fonts+Scripts tab, there are settings for the Text Flow Direction and Text Script:


The other more basic question is… Does this font even have the ability to do Graphite rendering? The website doesn’t mention anything about Graphite capability in this font, so it seems rather unlikely.

My advice if you want smart Graphite rendering is to choose one of the freely available SIL Arabic script fonts.

Just a note: Graphite rendering failed for me when Stretch/Shrink is enabled “Between Letters” on the “Fonts+Scripts” tab.

Were you working with an Arabic font? If so it’s not “graphite” which is failing, but is rather caused by the fact that you can’t insert spaces between letters in any cursive script (and this would be also be true for OpenType or other fonts).