Handling of short verse 1

I have been hitting a problem with the formatting of verse 1, especially in 1Co 11. There may be one or two other spots that have the problem. The section heading above verse two is pushed over because there aren’t two lines to go beside the drop cap chapter number, and the chapter starting with verse 2 is over indented. My current work around is to add a \p or \m and some junk text, so that it fills in properly, then open the PDF page with LibreOffice Draw and delete the junk text. It would be nice if it would flow in well without this hack.
I would share a link to a drive folder with examples, but the forum software says I can’t as being too new a user. If anyone is interested in that data, you can e-mail me.

Thanks for raising this as an issue that you would like to see improved in future. You can send the link of the drive folder to ptxprint_support@sil.org and we’ll take a look.

Hopefully you’ll also soon be able to post images and files on this forum too [I’m not sure how that is controlled, but it obviously works for some people :slight_smile: ]

Thanks. I emailed the link.

Out of interest, I checked how we handled this in our own project, and found that the \nb (no-break paragraph) solved the issue for us.


which then produces this with PTXprint, but also with other typesetting software:


Would that work in your situation, or do you need the v1 text to be in its own individual paragraph?

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That looks like a great solution. Beats having to extract the one page, doctor it in Draw, and replace the original page, as I had been doing. Thanks. --Loren