HearThis Android app not staying landscape

When I open the Hear This app in landscape orientation on my tablet I see the program oriented to landscape. As soon as I choose my project and it pulls up the text, it changes to portrait and I can’t get it back into landscape. I find this troubling because my usb-c port which I plan on using for an external mic is on the bottom of the tablet in portrait orientation and it will be in the way if I have to rest the tablet upright in portrait orientation. I also tried to spin the tablet around into portrait orientation with the usb port up in the air, but Hear This won’t rotate while doing this either. Thanks for the help!

I tried just now with my tablet and the app stays in landscape mode throughout sync, passage selection, and recording.
Perhaps this is related to a setting on the device (though I don’t understand why that would allow for landscape during project selection)?
Do you have another device you could try on?

I tried on my Samsung tablet and my galaxy S7 phone. Neither work. My friend too said he couldn’t get it in landscape on his Samsung phone.

HearThis Android is currently designed to be locked in portrait mode because I haven’t taken the time to figure out how the controls layout would change in landscape. Sorry. May get fixed one day…

Thanks, good to know. This is a bit troublesome only because the charging port is at the bottom of the tablet when in portrait so it makes it awkward propping the device up. (it will sit on and bend the charging cable). Thanks for the reply.