Hearthis for Android record and play not working

L.S. First time setup of hearthis on android. Syncing works fine with android (initially) but I am unable to record or play. Any tips?

Thank you for the report.
So we can look into the problem, could you please let us know what version of Android you are running?

Hi Andrew, that was quick. Yes, here is some more info:

As I said, the syncing is working fine, but I cannot get my phone to record or to play. It does show verses in green that have been recorded already, but if I choose a new section, I longpress the circle, which then turns green, (but not red). The selected verse stays orange …

I can move to the next verse with the arrow down though.

All the previously recorded verses are green. (ticking the box “Play using the speaker” does not make a difference).

My phone is Galaxy note 8, One UI 1.0, android 9

I also tried it on an older phone Samsung S5 android 8.0.0 . With this phone I am not able to synchronize. (attributed fixed IP)

With the social distancing precautions we are to take, we cannot invite in good conscience (at the moment) people into our little studio to record. So I was hoping that with the app a way of “remote recording” would be achievable. So any tips you might have on how to go about recording remotely would be appreciated.

Thank you for that information. That will help us investigate.
Unfortunately, we have very limited resources available for HearThis for Android right now, but we’ll try to take a look.

One thing to check is that HearThis has permission to record audio. It is supposed to ask for that permission if it doesn’t have it, but something might have gone wrong with that. Later versions of Android won’t let the app just say it absolutely has to have this permission or you may as well not install it, you have to grant it fairly explicitly after installing. I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly how to do that on your device, but it should be somewhere in Settings.

(Play is probably not working simply because record is not, so there is nothing to play. To save space on the phone, HearThisAndroid does not copy recordings FROM the desktop TO the device, only the other way.)

That did the trick John. Thanks, why didn’t I think of that ? Maybe because it is such a basic thing ? Thanks a lot for your help.