Help Improve the Spanish translation of the SAB Interface!

Hi everyone,

I would like to help improve the Spanish interface for SAB and RAB apps. I made a Google Sheet where you can evaluate the translation and make suggestions. The translation has been edited by a Peruvian. My goal is that it could be revised by native speakers of two more countries as well. (Hopefully one being from Mexico, since there are so many indigenous speakers there).

Instructions: Look at the pink column, and compare it with the English (in blue). If you can think of an improvement, make a comment in the green column. (See the yellow cells for instructions).

This will be easier to do on a computer, but a cellphone with the Google Sheets app could work too.

If you are a native Spanish speaker with familiarity in English, and experience with SAB or RAB apps, (or if you can ask such a person to help), please take advantage of this opportunity! It should take about 30 minutes or less. Then, please leave a comment here, indicating what country you are from.

This is a crosspost from the original Spanish translation found here:

Muchas gracias!


Update: A Spanish speaker from Mexico has approved the translation! Anyone else?! :grinning: