Help! publishing new app on Google Play: icon

First-time trying to publish the Scripture app on Google Play. Need to submit an icon and a ‘Feature Graphic.’
– How do I get the icon? I can’t seem to access the one from SAB, which is what I’d like.
– What are some suggested Feature Graphics?

Those icons can be found in the program install (here on my computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\SIL\Scripture App Builder\images\icons\sab), although you might want to use something of higher resolution.
For feature graphics most of us follow the same sort of theme as for the icon. Here’s a bit more about that graphic: Google Play Feature Graphic Examples and Best Practices

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You should also find your icon in your project folder under images > drawable-web. The path is something like C:\Users\Username\Documents\App Builder\Scripture Apps\App Projects\My_App\My_App_data\images\drawable-web
For the feature graphic you could use something similar as the Navigation Drawer image. You can crop it/resize it a bit to get to 1024x500. You should find it in C:\Users\Username\Documents\App Builder\Scripture Apps\App Projects\My_App\My_App_data\images\drawable-xxhdpi

Thank you. Then I guess it won’t come up with the background color I had chosen?

The icon? No, it won’t have the background color. If you icon has transparencies, they will become white


Also, the icons all get rounded the same way.

You would need to do some graphics editing and add your desired background color to your image manually. You could create a square shape. It needs to be 512x512. Google will automatically crop it into the rounded shape for the Store.