Help with creating verses

Good evening friends. I just downloaded the scripture app builder today with a vision to create an app in my language so that our people can have more access to the word of God.
In the process of using the app, I have created books and I understand that the books can be divided into chapter by starting a new chapter from a new page. This works perfectly.
But the problem I have now is, how can I divide the books into verses. I want to include the verse selector so that those who will download the app will be able to indicate the book, the chapter and the verses for easy navigation.
I will appreciate your help in this regard.
Thanks so much and God bless you.
I anticipate your response soon.
Steve Jacob

Hi Steve, Welcome!
What format is your scripture in?
Most people use .usx or .usfm files which is the standard for Bible translation software, SAB deals with books, chapters and verses automatically that way.
Is it in a Word document (.doc) or something like that?
With more information I’m sure someone here can help.

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Thanks so much Sir. I am a novice and I am not used to all the applications you mentioned. What I use is Microsoft Word.
Thanks and God bless you.

If you reply to my private message, I can have a look at the file.

Hello @steveaj11,

If you are doing Bible translation, you really should be using Paratext. It is a free program. Here is an intro video about Paratext.


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Hi Steve, if you are just making books, you could still follow the directions in/under the Help menu. Chose “Building apps” (#2) and go to page 7 where it talks about “Preparing content for you app”.

FWIW - you can save you word doc. as a text document. It’s much cleaner this way and you can then follow the directions related to Paratext. you don’t have to have Paratext to name a file extension .sfm. I have found you can rename any text file from .txt to .sfm. This would let you use a similar formatting for the paratext files on page 7 and 8.

Text files are much easier to work with IMHO. but like anything YMMVary.

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Thanks for the info Sir. I’ll check the video now