Help with external mic for Android!

I’m using the latest version of HT on my Samsung galaxy tab s3. I have a hub that plugs into the s3’s USB c port and has 3 USB ports. I connected an external USB mic to the hub. HT recognizes the mic and I can see the mic levels rise and fall when tapping the mic. When I push the record button the whole app lags. The record button stays red but won’t respond. As soon as I unplug the USB hub HT resumes working. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Perhaps the first thing might be to try to figure out if the problem is with the tab, the hub or the mic. If you can find anyone who can let you borrow alternate hardware, you could try swapping out the various pieces to see if you can isolate the problem component. It sounds like it is almost certainly some kind of hardware incompatibility or a driver issue. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you could try searching for updated drivers or other solutions (or at least maybe confirm that you’ve run up against a known problem that has no solution).

Thanks, that’s a good idea. It would be easier if I were still in the States :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can find in country. Thanks for responding!