History goes blank

I don’t why I am experiencing this?
Every time when app is opened, it saves the history. but when ever I close it and reopen it, there shows nothing in History tab.

I am using SAB.
History screen is enabled in features tab.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I believe it only keeps track of the history in the current “session”. So if you close the app and re-open it, it will start with a cleared history. This sort of makes sense as it is only trying to show you the places that you have recently been, so opening the app again 3 months later, you will not have been there recently…

@mcquayi @jeff_heath

Please resolve this bug. It was reported 16 months before, but the bug is still unresolved.

Humble regards.

I’m not an SAB developer, but as I replied before, I don’t think this is a bug. The history is only stored for the current session of the app. If you wanted that information to be there the next time you open the app, then it would need to be stored somewhere outside the app. Now I know that that sort of thing is possible, because the app “remembers” the verse that you were at and takes you to it when you open the app again. I suppose it might be possible to remember the history as well in the same way.

I think you would need to make a case to the developers why you want that functionality (history to be preserved from one run of the app to the next), and you would need to label it as a feature request and not a bug fix.

@Raja_Sand My expectation is that history should be preserved between sessions. So, for example, I have just looked at the History page for one of our apps and I can see history from chapters I read last month.

But, I agree, there is something going wrong, since sometimes the history goes blank after a while, and I am not sure why. I’m sorry about this. It is on the list of things to investigate.

Thank you again, Raja, Jeff, for bringing this to our attention. It is now fixed, ready for the next release of SAB.

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