History, Highlighting, Notes and Bookmarks are not recorded

Hi dear,

SAB have an option to enable Histroy and also notes can be written, verses can be highlighted, bookmarks can be set. But it is not as much beneficial as it could be.
These features, specially History, is recorded only for current session. whenever app is closed, history goes blank. Or even app is updated, all notes, bookmarks, highlighted verses, history, all becomes empty.

These are very much needed features for any user. So, it is requrested that these features must be for every time. Even when the app is updated, History, notes, bookmarks and highlighted verses should get synchronized with updated app.

Furthermore, there should be login system with fb id or whatsapp number or gmail id, so that if the user have multiple devices, then all these should get synchronized on every device.

Humble regards.

Raja Sand

Yes, saving highlights, notes, bookmarks to an online database for backup and synchronisation is definitely high on the list of enhancements we hope to work on in the coming months.


Our team agrees, we would really like to have highlights, notes and bookmarks stay saved in the app with each update, so that they can look back at which verses were meaningful to them. Our project is still developing so we are frequently rebuilding the app, but these notes get lost with each reinstallation.

Thanks, Linda, for your encouragement for us to work on this feature. We hope to have it ready soon.