How Can I Link HTML to Launch Other Pages

Good day all,

Please, can anyone in the house teach me how to create a link in HTML to open other HTML pages and resources in SAB apps?

I tried for example to call a page but it didn’t work. What did I do wrong?

I’ll really appreciate to get a solution to the nagging problem at hand.

Thank you whilst wishing you all a happy weekend.


What type is your source files? SFM? DOCX? HTML?

Is the HTML you want to link to in the app or outside?

If the source is SFM or DOCX then you can use Markdown mark up:

  • for External links: [google](
  • for internal link in the same collection: [book2](bkid) or [book2](bkid.4)
  • for internal in a different collection: [book2](C02.bkid.4)

The above highlights the Book ID bkid and C01 collection ID.

For HTML sources I know internal page links to anchors don’t work.
I can’t get inter page links to work either.

I tried these combinations from test2.html:

<a href="B001.1">Goto Chapter 1</a>
<a href="B001.test1.html">Goto page 1</a>
<a href="test1.html">Goto page 1</a>

An external link worked as expected:

<a href="">Google</a>

Thank you very much for the responses sir.

It is HTM that I want to link internally to view and HTML file.

Hope the above solutions can also work for it?

I’ll try it out though…

Kindly suggest if there is any other way to handle it.

Thank you and GOD bless…

Hello Sir,

I have tried it but it didn’t work…

Please, I’ll appreciate however you can help get a solution to it.

Thank you and GOD bless…

I have put in a bug report that these app internal links are not working in HTML files. A new version will be out soon but it may not contain these fixes. The majority of sources are in SFM.

If all the links are in one book, create the book in SFM or DOCX and the links would work.

Thank you very much for the responses sir…

How I wish the bug can be rectified before the release of the next version of SAB.

Kindly also note that the same URL mode does not work in security and expiry settings of the compiled APK apps.

I tried it on the expiry on the mode “What should the app do when it expires” and discovered that it didn’t work as shown in the image attached. It didn’t create as link a link as expected…

I pray to have these bugs are rectified in the coming version.

Thank you very much for the usual support and assistance.

Thank you and GOD bless…

Can you check your text in this area. I looks like it could be missing the closing ) at the end of the URL.

Or the URL is too long (I count 65 characters). If you are including the full text of the message to be sent, then use a service to create a shorter URL. Then let the service expand the URL. I’ll check if there is a 65 character URL restriction in this case.

If you are starting a new topic then then start a new post thread, don’t put it on the bottom of another topic. It helps other people find answers.