How can I teach Transcelerator to choose a certain target language key term over another?

The rendering selection is not tied to specific Greek or Hebrew senses relevant to the verse. The simplest thing you can do is right-click a particular rendering and select Set as default rendering to make that the default choice. This works well if there is one rendering that is almost always the correct one. But if there are lots of renderings and they need to agree with a preceding word in number, gender, etc. then there is no one rendering that makes a suitable default. In that case, on the Advanced menu, click Biblical Terms Rendering Selection Rules. This area of the program is probably not for the faint of heart (hence the “Advanced” menu), but it is pretty powerful and a relatively few rules can dramatically improve Transcelerator’s ability to guess correctly. Here are a few sample rules (based on a Spanish project) that illustrate what can be done.