How do Cross References work?

I have an entire NT I’m working on where not a single cross reference (of the approximately 2000 of them) is creating a hotlink or showing up in the app as anything other than plain text.

I can’t troubleshoot because I don’t understand how SAB reads the data. Does it completely ignore \xt markers and just try to parse things itself?

If so, where does it get its book names and the correct chapter/verse syntax from? Our project uses extremely complex rules defined in PT’s Scripture Reference Settings dialogue, but SAB seems to ignore them. We’re passing the reference checks in PT and it can correctly link our \xt references to the correct location.

As an alternative, I’m willing to use the USFM 3.0 attributes, but as far as I can tell SAB can’t parse that. What I mean is that instead of
\xt حواریوں کے اعمال جیسا کہ حضرت لوقا باب 2 آیت 3 نے لکھا ہے۔\xt*
we would have
\xt حواریوں کے اعمال جیسا کہ حضرت لوقا باب 2 آیت 3 نے لکھا ہے۔|ACT 2:3\xt*
So SAB wouldn’t have to do any complicated interpretation. I would just type out the text, color it, and when you clicked on it it would open ACT 2:3.

Okay, it gets weirder and weirder.

If I have cross reference formatting in the USFM 3.0 style:
\xt some text|MAT 1:2\xt*

In a footnote, all the text some text|MAT 1:2 shows up.

But if the same cross reference shows up in an intro, the some text| gets stripped out and only the MAT 1:2 shows up. Which is sort of ironic since that gets things completely backward.