How does in app messaging work with SAB and Firebase?

Hello, I am new the Analytics world and specifically Firebase. I recently discovered I could use it with my SAB apps. I’m trying to understand what I have to do to be able to send in app messages to the users phones. Within SAB I see a setting enabling “firebase messaging (push notifications)” but I’m not sure if this is referring to the “cloud messaging” service, or “in app messages”? Do they require different set up? Can SAB allow both? Thanks for any help!


Firebase messaging refers to “Cloud Messaging” in Firebase.

Could you please help me, when I start to build the app it shows me the message:
Specify a provisioning profile that includes Push notification Entitlement when firebase messaging or Notifications are enabled.
How to solve this?


When you are in your Apple Developer account and in Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section and the Identifiers section you need to check the Push Notification when creating that Identifier. Then create your Provisioning Profile using that Identifier.

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Also see Specify a provisioning profile that includes Push notification Entitlement, on IOS App

and then I created my IOS, IPA is crushed I don’t why!!
can create be created IPA, but can not start the app!!!
can you help me!!!