How long did Google Review take for your apps?

Just wondering how long Google Reviews have taken for your apps? A colleague has had his in review for 4 days now. Including the week end. Is that long?

Up until a week or two ago, it was only a day or two. Lately it’s been more and like the other app builder has experienced. I’ve got a few that are at 4+ days too. I believe my teammates are seeing similar times.


New Apps:
Varies a good deal, usually 2-3 days, but occasionally 5-10 days.

App Updates:
Usually under 24 hours, but recently it sometimes takes a week.

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Thanks for the info. It took a bit over 4 days.

They are finally “Production”. Took me a while to find the URL and find in the Android Play.

I have had various times and found some regions taking much longer than others.
Most times an app would be approved and available in 4 days after submission.
I have also found it takes about a day for the app link to be “available” to be shared, this also includes Google Ads, I would have to wait an additional day before I can advertise the app.

Worst case scenario, I have had an app take nearly 2 months before approval, this is after escalating with Google support three times.

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