How to add multiple audio files for Story Books in Scripture App Builder


I am unable to add multiple audio files to a Story book project. When I try to add multiple audio files the last audio file from selection will replace the audio file of book “B001”.
I have attached the screen shots. Please have a look and update me on how to resolve this.

Ebenezer Illango

What you could try is to add the last audio file by clicking on the book and then selecting the audio tab there:

I have the same experience as you that adding audio files in the main audio section causes some problems at times.

Hope this helps.

Hi Friedo,

Thank you for the response.

My issue is actually I want to add all the audio files to all books in one shot. But somehow SAB is allowing one audio file upload at a time.
Please let me know if you any approach to this.

Kind Regards,
Ebenezer Illango

Hi Ebenezer Illango,
Why do you necessarily have to add all the audio files into SAB in one shot? If it doesn’t work according to your method above, you can (in addition or instead) add the audio files one by one the way I described it.
This will have no effect on the way the users get the audio in the app if this is your point. All the audio files will still be added into the app installation file if you define this in Audio source.
So first you add your audio file at the book level. Then you check that the source that is selected for it, is set to “Package inside the APK file”. To check this, you need to go back to the main audio tab and select File Source. Have a look at the screen shots. I hope I am understanding correctly what your point is…

Hi Friedo,

As of now I am adding one by one at book level only just as you have mentioned. I am just looking for an approach to add all audio files or selected audio files as per our need to map to all the books added in SAB.

For example let’s say,
I am having five books.
B001, B002, B003, B004, B005
Now I have 5 audio files which I don’t want to add one by one. if I can upload all the audio files then it should map to each book as below,
B001 - AUD001
B002 - AUD002
B003 - AUD003
B004 - AUD004
B005 - AUD005

Is there a way to do like this?
Please update me.

Ebenezer Illango

Ooops, sorry for not replying to you sooner!
Yes, in general, SAB should map your books to your audio files, especially if the numbers correspond.
I just looked it up in the “Building Apps” Document in SAB > Help:

The recommendation is to add them at the book or the book collection level. If the numbers match, it should work. My experience has been that there are issues if you try to add them on the app level. So I usually added them on the book level, but just now realized that you can also try the Book Collection level. I assume in your case it is called “Main Collection”. Click on it and you will get options.

Hope this helps.