How to apply custom styles in a customly styled book?

So in SAB in the main section under Styles I have created a custom style “div.sbis”.

The scripture books use “customise styles for this book” and the glossary book also uses “customise styles for this book”.

Now I have not found how I can create or apply the custom style. At the book level, under styles, there is no tab “Custom Styles”. And my own custom style from the main section is not listed with the other styles at book level. I have placed my marker \sbis into the source text where needed and SAB can see it there. But it does not get rendered.

We have other reasons why at book level were are not using “default styles”.

Can this be done? What am I missing please?

note: I hacked it by copying my custom style inside the .appDef from the main section to the book level under

<style-decl etc. And I was surprised, it actually works. So maybe there is just a tab or a button in the GUI of SAB that I am overlooking? Or if not, and since custom-styles also get accepted at book level, even when the book is also running some of its own custom styles, I humbly submit for the forums consideration that this would be a logical next step from the joy a few months agao, when custom styles were first introduced: Show and allow custom styles at book level please.

@Martin sorry for the delay due to vacation of staff.

What is the source of your file? SFM or Word or …?

If you used an SFM in your file:

\sbis data

Then that should show up in the styles without you needing to create it manually.

The workaround for the individual book is one thing I tell power users about. There is no tab for custom styles but it should import if it was in your source.