How to Backup a project

LS. What would be your suggestion as to best back up a project? I would like to be able to saveguard a complete set including:

  • the SAB project file, settings etc
  • scripture content files
  • audio or links to audio if present
  • video or links to video if present

And pack it all in a “package” that I can re-load in SAB at a later stage if needed. Much like the project backup one can create in FLeX.

Do such backup instructions exist or is there an upcoming feature we can expect?


Good day Bart,

Something we have been using for not only backups, but also for sharing of projects across team devices.
Have a look at Scriptoria: Scriptoria - Scripture App Builder - Scripture App Builder

It is built into Scripture App Builder and provides easy management and use of the service.
The added benefit it that it can assist with publishing to Google app store, but if your purposes for backup and restoring of projects, this could be a good option.

Another idea, one I have not yet tested, is to change the project folder within SAB to a folder that is automatically synced to the cloud using a service like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc.

Kind regards,
James Cuthbert

Hi Bart,
I would agree with James that using Scriptoria is a great idea.
To “archive” a project yourself, you need the following:
the project .appDef file
The project data folder with all its subfolders
The audio files if they were not set to be copied to the project data folder (see Tools:Settings:Files in SAB for whether the audio files are copied to the data folder)
The video files if they are not in the project data folder


Thanks for your tips Andrew and James. I think for short-term intermediate backups I will use my cloud service and once all is published Scriptoria. Merci.

For a local backup, if your project has files with non-ascii characters in it, a normal “zip” will not work, but 7zip, an open source alternative will.

I believe this is the compression tool that Bloom uses under the hood as book names often contain characters beyon A-Z.