How to Create Project?

I searched the help text, but the instructions it gave did not work.
Also Autosync with Paratext is greyed out.


Thanks for writing. Here are some ideas to try that might work for you:

  1. When you start the download, you are presented with three users. All three of these users are associated with the Sample project but each has a different role. So you will need to start the program as “Adam” who is the administrator.
  2. When you point in the upper left where it says “Sample” you will see the ellipses appear in the upper right corner of the graphic. This is the ellipses that you will need to use to create a new project. The Sample project is not associated with any Paratext project so the the bit about associating with Paratext is greyed out.
  3. While pointing at the ellipses, use the right click (not the left click) to bring up the project menu. Once you have this menu, I think the rest will make sense to you. You choose “Make a new Project” or you can choose “Delete Project” to delete the sample project which will result in the need to Make a New Project. While making a new project, you will be able to associate with any Paratext project on your computer.

OK. Right click works show the menu I was looking for. It takes a long time for it to query PT8 for projects, but other programs run quickly on this system.

Once I create a new project (from Paratext), selecting Choose a Different Project does not produce any results. Nothing happens. I would have expected the Transcriber list of projects.

Selecting Delete Project displays the Paratext list of projects, and if I select one it appears to make a new Transcriber project. i would have expected the Transcriber list of projects, so that I could delete one.

Is this product considered released or is it in Beta? The interface does not operate in the way one would expect.


Thanks so much for your feedback.

What I understood you to say is that with the instructions on this thread, you were able to get the work done you wanted to get done but you found the way that you were expected to do it with this program to be not immediately obvious. You would like to see some design changes and additional features added. (Please correct me if I didn’t get the overall flow of your comments.)

In response I would probably say that if you are able to use the program to transcribe, that is what the goal was. It is version 1.0. We are looking at some significant changes for the next version. Are you wanting to be an alpha tester so you could have more input into the development process as it is taking place? Or perhaps your current work responsibilities don’t have enough margins for that kind of involvement. If that is the case, I completely understand.

The development team was not able to include all of the elements of the design in the 1.0 version. That being said, some of the issues you raise may have worked that way be design. The agile development process encourages an ongoing dialog with the user community so that designs and resulting software can be adjusted while it is being developed. Experience has shown that to the extent this dialog can be implemented, users tend to be more happy with the results and receive software that more effectively meets their needs. On the flip side, some research shows that users don’t always know what they want or what is possible and consequently their input can’t be used as the sole source of design input.

So please engage as you are able and this will help us all be able to say "We win, we win :slight_smile: "

I was able to get past the posted problem of creating a project.
It looked like I would need to create/assign each task before actually doing the real task.
The interface seemed quite slow, and I found it hard to figure out how to do what I wanted.
I did not do any transcribing, I gave up because it was taking too much time.

I understand agile SW dev methods. I was SW dev for long time.
I don’t have time to be an alpha tester.

My incoming expectations were:

  • open App
  • open a MP3 file
  • click on transcribe button
  • save transcription to pdf/doc/paratext

Thanks, Mike


Thanks for your feedback. We have been listening and have started a 2.0 effort to make use cases like yours easier. The original direction of 1.0 was to provide support for teams working on transcription project with audio coming from Render. This focus made the easy use cases (i.e your incoming expectations) cloudy and getting started more difficult than it needed to be.

With 2.0, we’d like to pass by some requirements and designs for your feedback (not alpha software). Would this be something you would be open to? If so, can you share your contact information with me via a private message?