How to decrease font size of book name?

As you can see, book names are very big on some devices.
On some devices, it works fine.
How can I make compatible with different screen sizes of different devices?

  • Go to the Styles section on the left.
  • On the right choose User Interface Styles tab.
  • In the Selectors section double click on
  • Change the font-size

Did you solve this / does it still work? I’m experiencing the same problem, but changing has no effect at all for me - I see no changes even if I give it a bright background colour or something - it just ignores entierely. SAB 9.0.1.

The system font size affects the size of the text throughout the app, even if it is not set to a relative unit
e.g. div.p font size is set to 12px,
but this text size increases when the system font size is increased.

I’m not sure what font-size unit sp is that is used in the user interface styles, but it is also relative to the system font size.

Since you have no control over a user’s system font size, you have compromise between large font sizes (space limitations) or small font sizes (readability issues). Someone is going to have a problem no matter which you try solve.

Background colours for these might be overridden by Colors > Book Colors
if BookListDefaultColor or BookButtonDefaultColor is set as the background colour.

Keep in mind the style settings for Grid if you allow users to select grid view (Features > Settings > Navigations > Book selection and Features > Navigation > Book Selection).