How to export a video?

I am wondering if someone can give me instructions on how to export videos from either SAB or the apps created by SAB? (discussed in this post)

I have a long story picture book I would like to make into several different videos, but it is not obvious to me where to even start. Thanks for your help.

As far as I know, SAB does not have this ability yet. I think the best way would be to use a screen recorder as the app plays the video you want.
Some phones come with their own good screen recording apps, otherwise I think AZ Screen Recording is a good option, although you have to pay to remove the watermark.

If one is going to pay for a product another option worth looking at is Vysor. It’s free for screen shots, but buying pro allows for video recording too. check out for more information.

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You can build the app with the ability to share videos of highlighted text.

Click on the Collection you want to share video of.
Click on the Sharing tab.
Click on the last two check boxes.

Also In Verse on Image there is a check box on the bottom of the first tab.

But I don’t think that will help you.
The screen capture method mentioned by others are a way to capture story books in landscape.

A free way to capture that video (but not audio) is to use adb.exe that is part of the Android SDK that you already have on your computer. You would need to use a video editor to add the audio later. However it only worked on my Android 6 phone but not my Android 8 or 9 phones. Earlier models supported this.

First open a command prompt black box. (Click on Start and type cmd and press enter.)
Type in: where adb
If it is installed in your system you will see something like this:
Goto the Check device section.

But if you get this:
Note: I deliberately wrote abb as I don’t have that program.
You need to find where adb.exe. Look in SAB > Tools > Settings > Android SDK
Copy the path in the white box.
In you command prompt box type


after a space right click your mouse and that should paste in the path. If there is spaces in the path the enclose the path in double quotes. So it looks like this, but with your path.

cd C:\path\to\android\sdk

Press enter.

Check Device

Connect your phone by USB cable to your computer. Approve any popups. I am assuming you ahve already made your phone a developer phone.
To check your computer is seeing your phone type into the command prompt"

adb devices

You should see something like this:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64>adb devices
List of devices attached
JXC8V01010101014        device

If you see no device then that is a show stopper.
If you have two devices disconnect one.

Record video

Get your phone to the app story you want to record and turn to landscape mode.
Double tap to make full screen.
In the command prompt on your computer, type in like this (but your phone path may be different but try this first) and press enter:

adb shell screenrecord /mnt/sdcard/story.mp4

Start your story.
When the story ends; Press Ctrl C to stop the recording. The video on mine was in the root of my files on the phone.

Then in any video editor of your choice, trim the start and end of the video then combine the audio and video to sync as you want.

Thank you, and you are right that even though I was looking for the checkboxes and hoping those would do it, they did not help me with what I was looking for.
Is that because it was originally a Bloom book? My book is not in landscape, it is in regular portrait.

In the post I mentioned above, you had said that SAB 7.0 would have this feature and closed the post, so I had hoped that meant the feature was working, and it would work for me and I would not have to do the type of thing that @CraigN and @Dan_Neville had mentioned.