How to generate the checking scripts for non-English versions?

Solved: If you have a similar question, please do not even read all my blabla, rather go straight to the solution here:

I have spent some effort and have helped (and will continue helping) with the Francophone version of the Transcelerator questions and answers.

Now today, preparing for the first checking session in French, I noticed that I get totally blank checking scripts.

This might need two threads, what do you think, because I noticed two problems:

Seems that Transcelerator is assuming that all checking sessions will be held in the target language of a certain translation project. But this is not automatically possible in all cases: Consider a project in a minority language with a very small and busy team (for several reasons):

  • Already the translators should not be involved in initial checking, because they are an interested party and are also a local “authority” and will probably influence the outcome of checking. And they are also super busy translating the next portions, with deadlines and funding getting ever more strict.

  • Not many other people are capable of hosting a checking session in the local language, even if there was capacity to translate all questions and answers from French. Of course, one always needs to find/train people to read the text (unless the translators can produce audio recordings quickly, which is part of certain work flows anyway). But who will do the admin and notes-taking and bring the feedback to the translation team?

  • In some contexts there are external reasons which favour a very small core team and a discreet approach with limited numbers of local speakers.

  • So in our case for this year, we would like to run the checking sessions in French (much better than improvising from English), based on readings of the translation drafts. Those sessions will be hosted and documented by some foreign facilitators/volunteers, who will also report the results to the translators.

  • So I make this feature proposal: Please extend Transcelerator so, that it can generate checking scripts based on the main translation obviously, but where the script used the Transcelerator-inbuilt languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.) for comprehension questions/answers for projects where checking is needed but where translation of the questions and answers is not possible.

  • I found a hack today: Created a dummy translation in PT8 into French. And had an AutoIt script copy the inbuilt Transcelerator questions from the column “English Questions” into the column “Translation”. This has allowed to render and show/print the needed checking scripts.

The follow up question might be trivial. But if it takes more effort, I will gladyl start a separate thread: In Transcelerator, version, and with display language set to French, the checking scripts all show English only, for questions and answers, where I had hoped to find French. (Of course where normally the local language is shown, I have some French from my hack as decribed above.)

But what do “normal users” need to do or set or configure to not only have French display language but also French checking scripts. Thank you and sorry if I overlooked anything too obvious.

In the Generate Checking Script Template dialog box, select the Options tab. There you will see that there is a place to tell Transcelerator how to handle untranslated questions. If you select the option “Use the Original Untranslated Question” and make sure that French is selected as the LWC, you should get what you want.

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Shame on me, I had overlooked the Options Tab altogether.

This was a very helpful answer at awesome response time and altogether good timing as I will use this in two days for a session. Thank you.

I will try to edit my question, so that other people, if they ever see my question, will get a hint to move to your answer first.