How to get rid of single or two pane view choice upon app start-up?

I was given an app project folder that someone else had been working on and now I am trying to put the finishing touches on it. In the app made with SAB, when I first open the app the first time after installing it, instead of opening to the main contents menu (expected/desired outcome), it opens to this screen that gives me the option of single or two-pane view (see screenshot).

How can I get rid of this screen in the built app?
Thanks for any advice.

Books > Layout Configuration tab > :ballot_box_with_check: Show the layout configuration screen when the app is first launched (last checkbox)

A good step when inheriting a project:
Go through all the settings and check each one.

I also do this for all my existing projects when there has been an update to SAB. Sometimes new options are added and I might not want the default setting for it.