How to move a HearThis project to another computer? [solved]

Member A has worked on HearThis, has now left the project (and the country). Member B had received the output (mp3 and timing files) but now finds the need to do more work.

How can Member A wrap up (zip?) the entire project (raw data, settings) and move it to Member B please? They both have access to a common Google Drive and space/data is not a big problem.

Member A had used the desktop version which was the most recent in early 2019.

HearThis’ data is stored here: C:\ProgramData\SIL\HearThis. If Member A has worked on multiple projects, there will be a folder there for each one. For each project that Member B needs, the entire folder structure should be zipped/copied exactly as it is and restored in the same location on Member B’s computer.

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Awesome. This sounds very doable. I have you sent your instructions to our Member A. Thank you.