How to Print selected Psalms by PTXprint?

In SAB, one can choose to have selected Psalms in an app. How can this be done for book printing purpose via PTXprint? So far, PTXprint seems to allow the printing of sequential chapters of a book like Genesis but it does not provide for the printing of different chapters of Psalms in book form.

Have you tried entering PSA 19 PSA 23 PSA 119 into the box? Just an idea.

I have a printing job which will print several scattered Psalms while leaving other drafted Psalms unprinted. Within Paratext I have marked every Psalm with either:

\c 1
\sts Published


\c 3
\sts NotPublished

Then I use this line in changes.txt to remove every Psalm marked as “NotPublished”:
"\\c \d{1,3}(?s:.){0,4}\\sts NotPublished(?s:.)*?(?=\\c|Z)" >""

I use the same procedure in SAB or dblchanges.txt for digital publications.

I’ve just checked, and the correct format to select certain chapters is e.g. PSA 23,104,119 in the “Choose books” box. You can also choose unusual orders, and mix books.

Thanks David Gardner for checking out and sharing the format to use for my quest. I was heavily occupied with a task and did not get a chance to try till now. It works!