How to produce Scripture Forge files

As I was experimenting with setting up a project for community checking on Scripture Forge, it occurred to me to use the questions we’ve already translated into the local language with the Transcelerator plugin in Paratext 8. I opened Transcelerator planning to copy questions one at a time for pasting into Scripture Forge, but then I noticed a File menu option to “Produce Scripture Forge Files”. This made me think that there is a utility that would package all the questions (or maybe all questions for a given range) for a bulk‑upload to Scripture Forge, but the only result I can see from clicking that option is that its icon turns green. This makes me think that a setting is toggled somewhere, but I’m not finding any additional files when I Generate the checking script with this icon toggled on. Can you tell me how to use this option to produce checking questions for Scripture Forge?

Wow! You get the golden sticker for excellent observation! When you turn on that option, Transcelerator does indeed generate the files that SF wants to access. They get stored alongside your other Paratext files, but they aren’t in a format that’ s generally likely to be very useful to you, so Transcelerator doesn’t tell you where they are or encourage you to look at them. The next time you Send/Receive your Paratext project, those files will be included and will find there way up to the server. From there, SF can access them using an API. That’s the good news… The bad news is that the feature in SF to pull those questions in and include them isn’t finished yet. :frowning_face: I’ll let the SF team know you’re anxious to try the new feature and see how soon it might be ready.
P.S. I guess I need to add a little thing in Transcelerator to let users know what happens when they turn on that option.

Thanks for this quick reply and explanation of this feature.

Pasting the questions one at a time works fine for me since we’re just experimenting right now as we investigate ways to work with people who may available to contribute remotely to the project. We don’t need to connect our Paratext project to a SF project right now, but I will be watching for how this develops.

The SF team hopes to have a working version that includes integration of Transcelerator’s output in June.

The rollout of this feature in SF has been delayed, but it is still in the works. Stay tuned…