How to reduce size or app

Hello, I need to reduce the size of an app as small as possible. I copied one of the larger apps that has video and extra images. I notice there is a “null” file that has images I am not using… can I delete that file? Are ether other suggestions of how to reduce app files?

How big is the app now?


The initial app before submitting to the Google Play store - (which makes it larger) is 9.5 MB.
Thank you

Under App>APK and Multiple APKs do you have ‘Generate device-specific APK to reduce the APK size’ enabled?
Is Verse-on-Image disabled?

Verse on Image is disabled.

But I am not finding the “Generate device-specific APK to reduce the APK size”

Mine has it here:

Do you have the latest version of SAB?

I see that I somehow missed the most recent version I will download it now.

Great, I’m not sure if that will help you reduce the file size, but it is something I would try. Good luck.

Hello Craig,

I have installed the newest update but still it does not show up. I have use Mac. Are you one Windows or Mac?

Thank you

The Multiple apps section only is visible if you use Crosswalk or need FFmpeg for manipulating audio for sharing audio or video.

Thank you for this information.