How to use \ R with Chinese abbreviations to associate with other scriptures?

Dear master:
I am now using SAB to build a new app of Chinese version Bible app. but when I use \r function to set as: \r (路 3:23-38) to associate to book Luke(Chinese abbreviations have set “路”.) but it comes as link only can link to 3:23-26, can’t link to 路 the name of Luke.
but if I change the book of Luke the abbr. as Lu, and I use \r (Lu 3:23-38) it can link with Lu.
so, how can I use this function to associate to Chinese abbreviations? thank you very much. wish God bless you.

in SAB, when you select a book in the left menu, near the Book Name you can click on “More” and define a specific form as a book name for parsing references. See the screenshot, I hope it works.

Hi brother! Thank you for your reply, and then I tried it, it looks still can’t work yet.