How user is notified of updated audio

For audio that is hosted on a site, and where an app has the corresponding URL as a source, what happens when the developer updates an audio file on the hosting server? (This might happen if an error is corrected in an adio file; or when the text of a book is revised and the audio is re-recorded as a result.) Will the user be asked to re-download the relevant files?

My fear is that the app will see the local copy of the file and not even bother to check whether the file on the server is different.

I’m quite sure that the file doesn’t get updated (and the user doesn’t get notified). I agree, this can be a problem. It would be great if this issue could be addressed in the future.

That could definitively be a plus for future release, especially if the audio has been reworked.

Maybe making sure the filename is different would allow the app to download one more time the audio, but this would end up with 2 different audio files on the phone for each modified chapters.