Huawei App Gallery

Does anyone have experience using Huawei’s store?

Can you share a basic explanation of what you needed to do to get your app published there?


It looks like I have managed this. I will add to this post once I have documented the process for our other apps and am more familiar with the process.

It was fairly easy and quick to go from “not a developer” to “having an app on the App Gallery”.

I did not do any testing, so straight to production, and had to deal with app rejection because a menu link to the user to a donate page.

Any store presence changes can be made by creating a new release and selecting the same latest APK - basically resubmitting the same one. I am still waiting to see if they approve it or not.

Hi @GregAshleyCooper , I would be interested to know more about your publication of apps on Huawei phones. How well do SAB apps run on Huawei phones? Did you publish in the AppGallery? Have you tried finding and installing apps through Petal Search?


Hi @Friedo
Huawei phones are Android phones so no difference in the apps running on them as on other Android phones. The only reason we’ve added them to the Huawei AppGallery is for the mostly South African Huawei phones that do not have access to the Google Play Store. The process of adding to the AppGallery was intuitive enough that I could muddle my way through without instructions. We have no experience with the Petal app. Doing a quick search on it for some of our apps seems to come up with no results although there are many APK download site links that come up with similar apps.

Thanks for this feedback, good to know!