Hybrid Original langauges with RTL Hebrew and L

I’m building an app with 3 languages, local language, trade language and original (Hebrew / Greek). I would like to have the original langauges as one book collection (since we only actually have one OT and one NT book), and this works well except text direction for Hebrew is RTL and Greek LTR and you can only set the text direction for the entire book collection, not for individual books. So either Hebrew or Greek will have the wrong text direction.

Can anyone advise if this is possible or if a workaround is likely?

Looks like others have tried something similar, but haven’t mentioned this issue:

Arabic and Hebrew/Greek texts override each otherhttps://community.scripture.software.sil.org/t/arabic-and-hebrew-greek-texts-override-each-other/577

To set the text direction for a book to be different from the text direction of the book collection:

  1. Select the book.
  2. Go to the ‘Styles’ tab for the book.
  3. Select ‘Customise styles for this book’.
  4. Specify the text direction.

ah wonderful. Thankyou for your gracious response to a newbie question.
That works for everything except the swipe direction.
Our team loves this app. Thanks to all the devs!