Hyperlink help

I have created several Transition primers using Paratext and SAB. If possible I would like to have the Table of Contents hyperlink to that lesson. There is only one book in each of these Apps. Each “chapter” is a new lesson. There are about 15 lessons in each primer. Anyway, how would I create a working hyperlink for each Lesson (Chapter)?

In SAB apps, you can use the markdown format to create in-app links. It works according to this pattern:
[linked word](BookCollectionID.BookID.Chapter.Verse) so for example in a Bible app you could do this:
[Beatitudes](MAT.5.1) In your case, maybe it’s enough to use [lesson title](BookID.Chapter), perhaps you don’t even need the BookID. When you write “Table of Contents” you mean a page/chapter (or book introduction?) that is part of your SFM file, right? Because in SAB you could also create a Contents Menu with buttons that can have titles and subtitles and then they can link to different chapters too. See chapter 12 of the SAB Help document “Building Apps”

Options one worked perfectly.

Thank you