Hyperlink navigation behaviour

In my apps I am using pop-up for scripture references that come from glossary references. They appear nicely in a pop-up window.

I also have some hyperlinks to other pages in the app using this markup: (text)[B001.3]. I would love this hyperlinking to go straight to the page referenced, instead of displaying the page in a popup (with an arrow in the top-right to go full screen), I would like the default behaviour to be full-screen.

Is this possible, or is there only one behaviour for hyperlinks (set by Navigation>Set Navigation>References)?


Well, I think there is only one behaviour. I don’t see any way to set markdown links and Scripture references to behave differently.

I guess that’s what I had to conclude Friedo! It is interesting that the markdown links get a “full screen” option (for want of a better word coming to mind), whereas Scripture refs don’t.

Now I’m confused :slight_smile:

What I meant is that this setting in Book Navigation > References affects both markdown links and Scripture references… It should probably be stated like this in SAB…


Ah sorry! I should have spoken clearer. Yes, there are those settings, but on the popup screen itself that appears upon touching a markdown link, there is a icon on the top right on the popup that causes what is displayed in the popup to go fullscreen. It would help if there was a third option on the Book Navigation>References dialog in SAB named “From markdown link”.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-16 at 8.44.25 AM

I hope that is clearer

Okay, thanks. Yes, I suppose it would be good to have this option in SAB.