\iex Issue in PTXprint

PTXprint seems to fail where the print job ends with a \iex marker. Oddly, it doesn’t misbehave if the \iex is at the end of a chapter but not at the end of the job.

Any suggestions?

I can confirm that if I add a final line \iex the end, then I see some odd behaviour too - could you describe yours in more detail? I’m getting a page with a line like:

%%%%% Back Matter PDF file(s) get included here %%%%

Is this what you’re getting?
I don’t get it if there’s an empty \p after the \iex line, so that’s one work-around.

As to the cause… most intro paragraphs cause a swap between double and single column. \iex gets some slightly special treatment because someone asked for it to not trigger a two-column to one-column transition, so the code has been asked to not trigger column swaps when iex gets met.

Without having seen your issue, I finally got round to implementing a slightly nicer way to respond to people having introductory paragraphs in the middle of their text, so that exists in test code… I wasn’t planning on merging it since we’re very close to releasing 1.6, but maybe I should.

But I’ve no idea why that special treatment ought to cause the issue I’m seeing, although I can confirm that making it behave like any other intro paragraph marker makes the problem go away… it’s very puzzling.

Thanks for that.

I found that adding a \pb marker after the \iex para so that’s a work around we can live with.

I didn’t keep the error log - couldn’t make sense of it really! We’ll look forward to 1.6 in due course.

We have another \iex issue. We are unable to nest \w … \w* within \iex

This issue can be fixed by modifying the custom.sty file. Here is a quick Tips video showing the process. You can find more about custom.sty in the help.


Thanks. That’s a great solution!

Paratext has suddenly starting crashing every time a \fig entry is made. Previously figs have been entered successfully. We can’t see any obvious reason why this is happening.

Sorry, problem resolved.