If not searching for accents, need to remove accents from search term as well

From my testing, it seems like if the search feature for Accents and Tones is turned OFF, and the user enters a search term with an accent, no results will be found.

So if you are removing accents and tones from the text for your search (i.e. that feature is turned off), the app should also make sure to remove accents and tones from the search term. Or am I missing something? I’m really surprised that this hasn’t been identified as a problem before now…

This has been reported on GitHub issues:

Is that a private repo? I can’t connect to it.

Yes, sorry, that’s a note to the developers.

has this been resolved? finding search able to work with some accents and special characters, and not for others. For example, search was able to find these words - pɛ́ma, tɔ́kɔ́, lawɔ́, dɔ̀rɨ̀, rʉ̀gɔ́, dhɨ̀rɨ̀ but not Yésù, bhwà, rúgo.

Any idea where to start looking?